Candy Shop Lingerie was founded in 2018, with the first collection drawing inspiration from celebrity icons and women of the adult entertainment industry. Founder, Karla Duckworth, wanted to create a brand without taboos, that flaunted sexuality, that stated to the world, I’m sexy, I’m powerful and I make my own rules.

Fast-forward to 2021, Candy Shop Lingerie is designed exclusively in Los Angeles and owned by childhood best friends Karla Duckworth and Sarah Scarrabelotti. The two met at the age of 12, and have been proudly getting up to mischief ever since. From the drama of adolescence to travelling the world, the girls have been inspired by the fearless and alluring demeanour of all the uniquely independent women they've met along the way.

To the up and coming female musicians, the entrepreneurial Instagram honey’s, the aspiring photographers and the international sex workers, Candy Shop Lingerie is a tribute to these women, and to all the women who live for themselves.